the craziest of kazys (krazycazy) wrote,
the craziest of kazys

SantaClaus returned at 9:52:46 PM.
gotgeek100 (10:10:53 PM): hey santa
SantaClaus (10:10:53 PM): I'm glad you're here. Have you done something to spread the holiday spirit to someone in need today?

gotgeek100 (10:11:08 PM): yes actually i did
SantaClaus (10:11:08 PM): Mm hm.

gotgeek100 (10:11:13 PM): did u?
SantaClaus (10:11:14 PM): Take a moment, collect your thoughts, and try asking me another way. O.K. ?

gotgeek100 (10:11:31 PM): did you spread the love with mrs.claus today?
SantaClaus (10:11:31 PM): You got it! That's great!

gotgeek100 (10:11:43 PM): how was it i hear shes pretty good
SantaClaus (10:11:43 PM): Oh dear, how should I know?

gotgeek100 (10:11:50 PM): well your her husband
SantaClaus (10:11:51 PM): While everything I bring is made with lots of love, I can't actually bring love itself. That's up to you to find. Is there anything else you would like?

gotgeek100 (10:12:23 PM): o yeah tell mrs.s i left my man bag next to the bed can she bring it over
SantaClaus (10:12:24 PM): Go shopping?

gotgeek100 (10:12:30 PM): what?
SantaClaus (10:12:30 PM): I'm afraid you'll need to give me a little more to go on than that. What, what?

gotgeek100 (10:12:37 PM): santa u hate you
SantaClaus (10:12:37 PM): Yes?

gotgeek100 (10:12:40 PM): yes!
SantaClaus (10:12:40 PM): Without a doubt?

gotgeek100 (10:12:43 PM): yes!
SantaClaus (10:12:43 PM): Yes!!

gotgeek100 (10:12:48 PM): BLOW ME SANTA
SantaClaus (10:12:48 PM): Excuse me?

gotgeek100 (10:12:53 PM): your so werdi
SantaClaus (10:12:53 PM): Sorry the elves didn't get that.

gotgeek100 (10:13:02 PM): you play with elves
SantaClaus (10:13:02 PM): Love them.

gotgeek100 (10:13:08 PM): im sry im being perverted
SantaClaus (10:13:08 PM):

gotgeek100 (10:13:48 PM): santa how old r u?
SantaClaus (10:13:49 PM):

gotgeek100 (10:14:01 PM): your winking at me?
SantaClaus (10:14:01 PM): May I ask you a question?

gotgeek100 (10:14:03 PM): yes
SantaClaus (10:14:03 PM): Have you set up a Wish List for others to see?

gotgeek100 (10:14:06 PM): yes
SantaClaus (10:14:06 PM): OK, how about a Shopping List -- have you set one up so you can track who you have to buy for this year?

gotgeek100 (10:14:09 PM): yes
SantaClaus (10:14:09 PM): Good! Then I recommend you get your free gift (you can find it off of the menu) and play some holiday hangman. If you have already done all of that I have a few links for you to check out. Do you want to see them?

gotgeek100 (10:14:19 PM): no
SantaClaus (10:14:20 PM): O.K. Scrooge. Type menu to try a fresh start.

gotgeek100 (10:14:23 PM): im good
SantaClaus (10:14:23 PM): AIM moves many billions of messages a day. This is the only network in my league .

gotgeek100 (10:14:31 PM): ok i hate you again
SantaClaus (10:14:31 PM): Good.
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